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            How To Start A New Jeweler


                   Tips For Laminating Your Jewelry Catalogs - Take A Look!

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  Earrings That Flatter Your Face Shape 

2010 Fashion Trends!

 Tandy's 2010 Spring Jewelry Combo's - by Tandy Flynn

Face Shape Sheet

Jewelry Basics for Your Wardrobe by Landi Hart

How To Dress for the Four
Body Types

6 MUST HAVE Pieces Of Jewelry by Karin Storms


Combo Specials by Jane Stratton

Fashion Show Bingo by Steve &
Sandy Conway

"Fashion Filler Talk 1" by Janine Rittinger
"Fashion Filler Talk 2"
by Janine Rittinger

10 Ways To Dress 10lbs Thinner (ppt)

10 Ways To Dress 10lbs Thinner (doc)










 Wear It Well - Jewelry Combinations by Anita Nicolo

 Wear It Well - Jewelry  Combinations Part II by Anita Nicolo

 Spring 2010 Fashion Sheet

 Let me count the ways to wear
Lou Comia

 Fashion Trends for 2010

  Recession-proof Fashion Video







Buy 3 Items Get Something For $10.00 by Tammy Basson

 10 Minute Marketing Plan Flip Chart by Kathy Allen

Purse Game Flip Chart Insert

 Easy $80 TRY THIS!

Store To Door Invitation

Fashion Personality Quiz #1

Fashion Personality Quiz #2

What's Your Fashion Personality

Increase Your Retail "Buy 3 Items"
 by Jim Johnson

Script of Letter Game" by Landi Hart

 Letter Game Show Format by Kathi Pfhal

 Advance Order Form for Invitation for Mini Catalog  
see in the invitation section; by Cookie Strickland

Hostess Notebook for
Invitation and Mini Catalog

see in the invitation section; by Cookie Strickland

Show Outline by (Karin Storms)

Buy 3 Items for $10.00 by Jim Johnson

Gifts for Under $20.00

Hostess Home Show Letter

Left Right Game (all inclusive)

The Price Is Right -

Ooh Aaah Signs by Dana Stroud

Play Or Pass Verbiage

Kathy Allen

More Fun Fashion Ideas For
Your Shows

Grab Bags To Increase
Your Retail

Names Game by Landi Hart

Guest Survey 2007

 What Do You Know







Home ShowFun!  

 Hostess Benefit Calculation Sheet by Theresa Garrett

How To Get Bookings

Watch This Mock Home Show by
Cori Garavuso -
CLICK HERE and enter the Username: serving
Password; bydesign then click on "Home Show Video"

Party Jewelry Show by Brenda Price
Fall Invite 2009 by Brenda Price

Fashion Personality Types

Jewelry Personality Quiz

Lipstick Personality Chart

 After Shows Letter By Kelly Bock

 Home Show Flip Chart by Julie Robinson and Kathi Pfahl  


Halloween Sales Ideas by Melia Hord

 Haloween Teacher (this is a .pub file)

Shopping & Survey
(by Joan Dean)

Filler Talk

Pass The Gift (by Ginger Farris)

Move It Game

Nancy's Diva Purse Game

Hats Off by Landi Hart

Mission Possible

The Story Of Betty Bling

Mandy On A Cruise

Word Scrabble

Home Show Specials
For Today Card

Gifts Under $20

Increase Your Retail

Sweet Success

Ice Breaker Game 
Toni Perren

The Fashion Game II

Easy Booking Activity

Fashion Show Flier

Godly Beauty Cards

The Fashion Game

Play Or Pass



Trade Show Convention Checklist

Trade Show As An Exhibitor by Melia Hord

 Craft Fairs Handout

Quick Start 9 Show Sign Up Sheet  
Landi Hart

New Jeweler Booking Tracking Form
by Kelly Gillespie

Filling Out A Customer Order Receipt (pdf)

Filling Out A Customer Order Receipt (doc)

Contact Checklist
(word doc)

Contact Checklist
(pub file)

Hostess Coaching Flip Chart

by; Lisa Richey  (.pub file)

 Hostess Thank You
from Sue & Carmen

 Catalog Show Flyer

Hostess Reminder Cards

Home Show Registration Cards

 How To Finance Premier Start Up

 Sweet Success

Sponsor's Checklist
by Vicki Carbo

Color Me Beautiful! by Karen Capson

 $20 gift certificate for listening to the Premier Opportunity

How Do We Compare @
20% Commission?

 How Do We Comapre @
25% Commission?

 How Do we comapre @ 30% Commission?

 Purse Night and 50% off invitation
by Vicky Carbo

 S-H-O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y INVITATION by Brenda Price

 Charming Chick Club (pt1) by Vicki Carbo

 Charming Chick Club (pt2) by Vicki Carbo

20 Reasons Why Premier May Be For You by Patsy

 Judy P's Guest Survey

 Wild About Premier--Free and Half Price Jewelry Night
by Julie Robinson

Bookings Out Of The Box! from Jammies and Jewelry

Fortune Cookie Sponsoring Activity by Jane Hoppes

Creative Booking
with Michele Mills

Notes on Eileen Koehler’s Sponsoring Workshop by Melia

Spontaneous Sponsoring 

Prospect Follow-up Sheet

Action Checklist For Your New Jeweler

Sweet Story Sponsoring Activity

Sponsorship Ideas     

 2010 Verbiage 2+2+2 - Kathy Allens Sponsoring Talk

 12 Months Of Coupons

Gifts Under $25 by

Steve Hawblitzel

O. P. Verbiage Highlights
by Karen Capson

 Home Show Flip Chart
Here is the Sponsoring Activity for Home Show Flip Chart

 Missy Guest Survey

  Power Hour Tracking Sheet by Judy P

Home Show Idea by Rosie Stoner

$50 Gift Card For Prospects by Nancy Schwartz

 $20.00 Gift Certificate

$25.00 Gift Certificate

$30.00 Gift Certificate

$50.00 Gift Certificate

Sponsoring Activity by Sylvia Credle 

Charming Chick Club

Words Of Wistom / No Means "Not Right Now"

Closing the OP by Kathi Pfahl
Company Comparison
by Kent Meier

Follow UP Tips For Home
Shows & Sponsoring

Keeping Time Like Pilots

What Do You Know

Java & Jewelry Invite OP 

Opening and closings for each page using the Premier Marketing Plan Booklet

Great Sponsoring
Tool from
Dona Marrone

Sponsoring Coupon

 Especially For New Jewelers!  

7 Techniques To Help Overcome Your
g Phobia


Screaming Fall Premier Jewelry Invitation


Men's Valentine Day Flyer - by Betty Greer

Party With A Purpose

You And Two Shows

Barbie Party Invite

 Holiday Wish List by Shannon Dunne

 Invitation for Mini Catalog by Cookie
Strickland (See Cookie Strickland @
Homeshow fun and
CLICK ON "Directions" HERE

Saw It Girl Invitation by Brenda Price

The "BUZZ"
by  Susan Bolinger

Girl Postcard Invitation - Master
(by Vicki Carbo)

Christmas Girl Invite (by Vicki Carbo)

Christmas Girls Night Out

Flyer For Brides (Landi Hart)

Hat's Off Invitation by Landi Hart

Mystery Hostess Invitation by Landi

Flip Flop Show Invitation by Landi Hart

Taking Care Of Business by Landi Hart

Using The Mini Catalog As An Invitation

Queen Diva Invite

Salsa and Sandals

Training Show Invitation sample     

Jewelry Poster

Java & Jewelry Invite OP

Office / Professional

Valentine Mystery Hostess Invite Gift Certificate

Java Jewelry Invite (.pub)
Brownies Bracelets Best Friends (.pub)
Ladies Night Out (.pub)




Premier & Working With Small Children by Debi Auch Moedy  

Hostess Information Tracking Sheet by Andrea Horsman

Designer Program Chart 2

Great Jewelry Boxes

"Fundraiser ideas and forms" by Sarah Phillips (Part 1)

 "Fundraiser ideas and forms" by Sarah Phillips (Part 2)

Effective Catalog Sales At Your Office

Motivating "True Story" 

Guilt Free Shopping Spree Gift Cards!
Quick Start Ideas for Booking and Sponsoring
by Kathi Pfahl

 Jumpstarting Your Business

Encouraging Your People & Leaders by Elizabeth Draper

Display Cases - Gems In The Box Website

Annual Premier Business Goals

Understanding Premier's Replacement Exchanges

Things To Remember

Looking For A Change?
Recruiting; OP Show Profit (Read Carefully!)

Closing Out Your Show Form


Daytime Retailing

SevenStrategies & Some Of My Favorite Quotes

Climb The Steps Of Success With Premier 
by Shauna Clark







Business Ideas To Help Your Business gr

NEW Advanced Order Form HP-Catalog 2

 WHY PREMIER ?by Kent Meier

Phone Verbage To Book 1 on 1
by Vicky Carbo

elp New Jewelers Get Started

"New Jeweler - What Do I Do Now?"
By Melanie Martin

 a MUST for New Jewelers by Kathi Pfahl

10 Activities To Help New Jewelers by Kathy Pfahl

 Quick Start Program-Bookings & Sponsoring 

Letter With Coupon (Excellent Idea)

The Comfort Zone

60 Minutes / 60 Names / 60 Days

Jewelry Combinations For Home Shows 9/18/09

Do Not Quit!

Pearls of Wisdom 

Twelve Tips To
Time Management

Seven Steps To Highly Defective Jewelers from Bruce Peterson
"Goal Sheet - I Can Do It"

Cold Calling Opportunities
Great Ideas Here!

3 Stages of Growing Your Business

Leadership "Pearls" Of Wisdom

Leadership Qualities

Motivational ABC's 

Looking for Gayle Recommended
display showcases, Mandy's,
Lights, accessories and wall mounted jewelry armoires?